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"Healthy box is a resource with nutrition and fitness blogs and recipe's to help you  live healthier enjoy"


Kate Evans

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         I'm Kate a health & fitness


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l've always been very into sport, exercise and eating healthily. I have been asked to play for my country in hockey and have played with Olympians and Commonwealth Games athletes.  Together, with running and playing tennis from a young age.  As I have played sport at elite level, I am very lucky to have gained valuable nutrition and fitness knowledge from friends and acquaintances who play nationally and/or internationally in their sporting fields.


One day whilst living in London, I went to a talk by Ella Mills (Deliciously Ella) which was life changing.  I came away wanting to do something nutrition related as the talk made me realize even more, not only the positive impact healthy eating can have on one's physical and mental health and well being, but also energy levels, productivity and lifestyle. Friends and housemates have often asked myself for nutrition and fitness tips, which I have always enjoyed giving out.  I slowly began to research, test and save recipe's and fitness tips with the . 'Healthy Box' nutrition and fitness blog was born.


As I've almost always used a gym, personal trainer and combined this with playing elite hockey, walking, running, swimming and tennis I have a lot of knowledge. However, I wanted to enhance this further so I am undertaking nutrition and personal training courses.  I am also planning on launching an app in the near thu h you.  in the future and have lots of other exciting plan which I can't wait to share wit


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